Adult Vaccination Recap: 7 Essential Points

Scroll through this compact slide show for review of gaps in US adult vaccination practice and how primary care can help fill them.

Primary care practice is the hub for prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) in adults, says Gregory W. Rutecki, MD, Cleveland Clinic, author of the Patient Care Special Report on Adult Vaccination. The battle to protect patients against deadly infectious diseases is far from won, he notes, but primary care physicians can expand their clinical knowledge of the specific vaccination needs of diverse and vulnerable patient populations and help ease the burden of VPDs.The slides above highlight key points from Dr Rutecki's report, about VPDs in a range of patient groups; many of these patients may see specialists for care of specific diseases but still rely on primary care for first-line preventive medicine. The full report, inlcuding quizzes on each topic, is available in the Patient Care section, Special Report. For specific topics: Patient Care Special Report on Adult Vaccination Illness But Less Vaccination B Vaccination in Diabetes: The Sooner the Better Disease Thrives in Diabetes and Zoster Hit Older Adults Hard to Reduce Meningococcal Infection Risk Cancer With HPV Vaccine Disease Immunization Underutilized 

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