The New Old: 10 Updates on Geriatric Health

Recent research on the health of older persons uncovers news both good and sobering. See highlights of 10 studies in our slides.

During the next 25 years, the population of Americans aged 65 years and older will double to about 72 million because of longer life spans and aging baby boomers, according to the CDC.During the past 100 years, the leading causes of death for older adults and all age groups have shifted from infectious diseases and acute illnesses to chronic diseases and degenerative illnesses.Now more than one-fourth of Americans and two-thirds of older Americans have multiple chronic conditions.Click on the slideshow above for highlights of the latest research findings about the health of older patients.See below for links to studies highlighted; full access may require subscription to some.


1. Living Longer, and Healthier

2. Antihypertensives, Low Blood Pressure, and Adverse Effects

3. Diabetes Drug, Cognitive Impairment Linked

4. “Cholesterol hypothesis” Called Into Question

5. Vitamin K Antagonists and Bleeding, Thrombosis Risk

6. Frailty Weakens COPD Rehab

7. Preoperative Falls Cross Age Lines

8. Antipsychotic Drugs Raise Hip Fracture Risk

9. Cerebrovascular Disease Tied to Alzheimer Disease Dementia

10. Concussion Test Useful for Alzheimer Screening