The Real Dirt on Mud Therapy: 10 Health Facts

The use of mud as medicine goes back to ancient times. Today many look to a dip in a warm mud bath to ease pain and tension. More on medicinal mud in our slides, here.

Whether commercial claims about the healing properties of mud therapy are authentic is about as clear as, well, mud. But the use of mud as medicine goes back to ancient Mesopotamia, and it continues today with applications for skin conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, and a variety of other ailments.While it is certainly no substitute for medical treatment, mud therapy might be used effectively as a complementary approach. Click through the slides above to gain a clearer picture of mud’s potential.


1. Gaining Ground: Some Mud Health Claims

2. What’s Your Mud Type?

3. Will You Have a Pack or a Bath?

4. Dead Sea Mud Is Salt of the Earth

5. Mud Fixes Fibromyalgia: Fact or Fiction?

6. Getting a Grip on RA

7. Back in the Mud Again

8. Clears Up Clinical Picture in Psoriatic Arthritis

9. Mud Pack Therapy Stands Up to Knee Osteoarthritis

10. Mud Is Good For You-If You Can Stomach It