What's What with Water: 10 Health Facts

Get a quick refresher on how much water is enough, when to drink it, and why. Then float these tips by your patients.

About those eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day-too much, too little, just right? Drink water before a meal or after? Does drinking water help fight hypertension, heart disease, or diabetes?Everybody knows that drinking water is good for good health. The questions are how much, when, and why.Click through the slides above for a concise refresher on the key health facts about drinking water. And then share them with your patients.  


1. Glass Half Full: Healthy Reasons to Drink Water

2. Water, Water Everywhere, But How Much Should We Drink?

3. Happiest Hours: The Best Times to Drink Water

4. The Heart of Hydration

5. Hyponatremia with Too Much Water

6. “Drop” Weight with Water?

7. 99 Bottled Waters on the Wall: Safety Q & A

8. Flavored Waters Must Meet FDA Standards

9. Does Hydroponic Mean Healthy?

10. “Wet” Your Appetite with Watermelon