Benjamin Barankin, MD


Recalcitrant Keratoses

September 01, 2006

Application of liquid nitrogen often must be repeated several times when used to treat thick seborrheic keratoses--and still may be ineffective. For an immediate and excellent cosmetic result, try liquid nitrogen for 5 seconds, followed by gentle curettage.

Erythema ab Igne on the Thighs of a 53-Year-Old Man

September 14, 2005

A brownish red, reticulate rash had persisted on the thighs of a 53-year-old man for about 15 years. For the past 20 years, he had applied-daily and for extended periods-a hot water bottle on his legs for soreness following exercise.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

September 02, 2004

For 3 years, numerous skin-colored papules had been present on the face of a 59-year-old man. The lesions developed several months after renal transplantation and the start of immunosuppressive therapy.