George J. Urban, MD


Transient Global Amnesia: A Confusing Companion of Migraine

December 31, 2006

Clinician: The patient’s symptom profile is confusing, especiallybecause his test results are normal. Are his amnesicepisodes related to his migraine?

Chronic Subdural Hematoma: "Symptoms Are Indefinite, and the Diagnosis Cannot Be Made With Certainty"

November 01, 2002

A 69-year-old retired accountant presents with a 2-month history of daily headaches. The pain is moderate, constant,global, pressure-like, and occasionally pulsating; it is sometimes exacerbated when the patient lies down. He denies nauseaor vomiting, ocular symptoms, weakness, or sensitivity to light. His wife reports that years ago he experienced throbbingheadaches regularly.