S. Scott Sutton, PharmD



Vaccination Recommendations for the 2008-2009 Influenza Season

January 06, 2009

Influenza develops in about 20% of the global population each year. In the United States, annual influenza epidemics typically occur between late December and early March. While influenza may affect persons of any age, infection rates are highest among children.

Effects of Multidisciplinary Care of Heart Failure Patients at High Risk for Hospital Admission

February 01, 2008

Heart failure (HF) is a complex clinical syndrome in whichthe heart is unable to deliver adequate cardiac output at normal fillingpressures. There are proven pharmacological and clinical management strategiesthat can improve care and reduce associated health care costs, but these areunderutilized. The Advanced Heart Failure Program (AHFP) was developed at theDorn Veterans Administration Medical Center to provide a comprehensivemultidisciplinary management approach to persons with advanced HF. Beforeenrollment in the AHFP, the average annual all-cause hospital admission rate was3.2 for the 217 HF patients. After enrollment in the AHFP and stabilization, themean all-cause hospital admission rate was 1.2. HF patients had an averageannual hospitalization cost of $28,936.32 before enrollment in the AHFP. Afterenrollment, average hospitalization cost dropped to $10,851.12 per patient.Taking into account the 50-week cost of $3036.14 for a patient enrolled in theclinic, participation in the AHFP was associated with a significant decrease inthe number of HF-related admissions, saving an average of $15,049.06 perpatient. (Drug Benefit Trends. 2008;20:54-59)