Sexually Transmitted Diseases

CDC STI Treatment Guidelines: 7 Key Updates for Primary Care
September 02, 2021

The CDC released the first set of new STI guidelines since 2015. What are the notable updates that primary care physicians should know? Find out here.

US STD Rates Reach New Heights: A Quiz on CDC’s 2019 STD Surveillance Report
May 07, 2021

Rates of reported STD cases in the US have reached an all-time high, again. Are you caught up on the latest CDC numbers? Try your hand at these 7 questions to find out.

US STI Rates by the Numbers: A Quiz Based on the Latest CDC Data
February 19, 2021

SAMPLE: Approximately what percentage of the total US population had an STI at a given point in 2018? Plus 6 more questions on STI trends based on the latest CDC data.