Primary Viewpoints Episode 1: COVID-19 Impact on Migraine Management

In episode 1 of Primary Viewpoints, migraine specialist Peter McAllister, MD, discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his migraine patients.

Hepatitis C: What If You Do Not Treat?

Severe outcomes may ensue in a high percentage of patients. The authors discuss the consequences in this brief podcast.

120: The New Normal?

Podcast: Hypertension expert Daichi Shimbo, MD, offers tips on putting SPRINT results into clinical practice.

BRCA: A Primary Care Concern?

October is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Find out in this podcast with Harvard professor Richard Penson, MD, what traits in your female patients should prompt testing.

Lost and Found: The Tale of Two "Cured" HIV Patients Who Reverted

(Podcast) Two years ago, two HIV-positive patients lost all signs of the virus, as far as doctors at Harvard Medical School could tell. Suddenly, months later, the virus returned in force. What happened, and what does it mean?

Early Treatment of HIV: Benefits Gained, and Missed Opportunities

(AUDIO) How many lives have been saved due to early treatment of HIV infection, and what is the impact on society? An economist who has helped to answer these questions also ponders the deeper implications of the new information about progress against HIV.

How Best to Lure People for HIV Testing?

(AUDIO) Now that HIV testing is universally mandated, what are the best ways to reach into a community to find those who remain untested? In this brief recorded interview, the head of a study designed to test two approaches describes why either one is better than the status quo.

HIV Strains Becoming More Aggressive. What Does This Mean?

(AUDIO) In a brief podcast, the director of the University of North Carolina infectious diseases center ponders the implications of new HIV strains that lead to AIDS symptoms significantly faster than in the past. To him, the response is obvious. What troubles him is that not everyone seems to sense the urgency