Atopic Disease, Particularly Asthma, Linked to Decreased Risk of COVID-19 Infection in UK Adults
January 07, 2022

Adults with atopic disease and asthma had a 38% decreased risk of COVID-19 infection, according to a new UK study.

6 New Drugs Approved for Primary Care: Q2 2021
July 08, 2021

From obesity to pneumococcal disease, we have picked the top 6 FDA-approved drugs every primary care physician should know about from the second quarter.

Best and Worst US Cities for Patients with Seasonal Allergies
April 07, 2021

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recently released its annual Allergy Capitals™ report. Which cities are most challenging for patients with seasonal allergies?

Expert-guided Online Decision Tool Supports Real-time Treatment Choice for Severe Asthma
March 01, 2021

Treatment for severe asthma may be enhanced using an online decision support tool that draws on expert treatment decisions for a wide variety of potential patient scenarios.

Study Finds Dupilumab Effective for Severe Atopic Dermatitis in Real-world Setting
February 27, 2021

Dupilumab therapy for 4 weeks in adults with severe atopic dermatitis resulted in significant improvements in clinical outcomes with no adverse events reported.

FDA Approves First Drug for the Treatment of Peanut Allergy in Children
February 03, 2020

The first and only drug to treat peanut allergy recently received approval, giving the growing number of patients a new treatment option.

Hygiene and Health: 8 Pristine Questions
May 02, 2019

Sample: The hygiene hypothesis states that early exposure to germs reduces the immune system’s ability to resist infections in later years. True or false?

Hygiene and Health: Are We Too Clean?
April 03, 2019

How do we combat waning human immunity? Our slide show summarizes 5 new reports that suggest it’s essential to figure that out.

Immunotherapy Quiz: 2018 Guidelines on Rhinitis
October 03, 2018

Where do US guidelines on immunotherapy for rhinitis overlap with new 2018 recommendations from Europe? Answer these 5 questions to find out.

Spring Allergy Quiz: "Rx This, Not That"
May 14, 2018

Try this compact test on safety issues of and patieint selection for seasonal allergy medications.