Author | Robert P. Blereau, MD


Head and Shoulder Lesions: Common Diseases, Uncommon Locations

September 01, 2018

Three cases of lesions often seen in primary care, 2 seen in uncommon locations. Test your visual diagnostic skills.

A Few Lumps and Bumps of the Dermatologic Kind

November 09, 2017

An up-close look and a short lesson on each of 7 dermatologic lumps and bumps. Would any of them give you cause for alarm?

6 Lumps, Bumps, and Spots

September 28, 2017

6 patients who presented with lumps, bumps, and spots. Your diagnoses?

A Lump, Two Bumps, and One Odd Pigmentation

August 15, 2017

Can you identify these 4 lesions seen in a primary care setting? Should biopsy be performed on any? All? Test your visual diagnostic skills.

3 Suspicious Orofacial Findings

August 04, 2017

Three men over age 50 years, three different lesions: which would concern you?

3 Classic Cases: Snap Dx #1

February 22, 2017

In this diagnostic quiz: 3 photos of classic presentations of 3 different diseases in patients of 3 generations.

Bulge Behind the Knee

December 02, 2016

No labs, no biopsies, no imaging -- only your seasoned clinical judgement is required to make a diagnosis in this case.

Saving Face: 7 Frontal Dermatosis Cases

September 07, 2016

Get an upfront view of irritating dermatologic conditions that often occur on and around the face.