Cardiovascular Disease

Beyond HbA1c: Take a Global Approach to Type 2 Diabetes Management, Use all the Tools
July 01, 2022

Drs Mikhail Kosiborod and Neil Skolnik discuss this unique moment in the history of T2D management that offers treatments to address its broad cardiometabolic impact.

Stroke Patients Very Likely to Present with Undiagnosed Risk Factors
June 30, 2022

Three-quarters of stroke patients in a Swiss registry had at least 1 undiagnosed risk factor at the time of the event, most commonly hyperlipidemia or hypertension.

American Heart Association Announces "Life's Essential 8" Enhanced Cardiovascular Health Model
June 29, 2022

Slide Show: The AHA added sleep duration to its Life's Simple 7 cardiovascular health construct and updated sections on diet, lipids, blood glucose and smoking.

Statin Use Slowed Progression of Arterial Stiffness in High-risk Patients Followed for Nearly 5 Years
June 27, 2022

Statin-treated patients at high atherosclerotic risk experienced significantly slower progression of arterial stiffness vs those not taking statins in a cohort of more than 5000 patients.

VA Clinical Investigator Discusses HbA1c, Comorbidities as Markers for T2D Treatment Intensification
June 24, 2022

Change in HbA1c as a guide for T2D treatment intensification is steadily yielding to presence of/risk for comorbidities as pluripotent agents win guideline favor, observes a VA clinical investigator.

Juul Ban Prompts Praise from Physician Organizations
June 24, 2022

The FDA ban yesterday on Juul vaping devices and nicotine e-liquid pods drew praise from the American Medical Association, American Thoracic Society, American Lung Association, among others.

Exercise Through the Ages: From Foraging to Sitting Still
June 15, 2022

Exercise began as foraging for survival for our hunter/gatherer forbears and is no less essential in our contemporary age of sitting and screen time. Take a quick trip through history.

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A 7-question Quiz for Primary Care Clinicians
June 15, 2022

How prevalent is NAFLD worldwide? What is the preferred treatment? And more questions to test your NAFLD knowledge.

Patients with Diabetes Face Higher Risk for Left-sided Valvular Stenotic Lesions
June 14, 2022

A new study found patients with T1D and T2D had a greater risk for stenotic lesions, whereas risk for valvular regurgitation was lower in those with T2D.

Semaglutide 2.4 mg Reduces 10-year Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Patients with Overweight, Obesity
June 07, 2022

ADA 2022: Reduction in risk of progression to type 2 diabetes of 60% was seen in STEP program clinical trial participants with overweight or obesity.