Cerebrovascular Diseases

Treatment Gap: In Patients with ASCVD, Low Use of Statins, High-intensity Statins Persists
May 31, 2022

One-half of more than 600 000 patients with ASCVD were not prescribed statins at all and only 22.5% were taking a high intensity statin, according to a recent study.

Risk of Early Stroke Increased in Adults who Vape vs Smoke Traditional Cigarettes, Study Finds
November 09, 2021

AHA 2021: E-cigarette users were found to have a 15% higher risk of a cerebrovascular accident at a younger age than those who smoked combustible tobacco cigarettes.

Atrial Fibrillation Detected by ICD Linked to Ischemic Stroke within 5 Days
October 05, 2021

The temporal connection of atrial fibrillation and risk of ischemic stroke provides support for short-duration oral anticoagulation, said study authors.

The Tobacco Endgame: 4 Major Cardiology Societies Press World Governments to Act
June 02, 2021

Four major cardiology organizations stand behind increased government action to eradicate tobacco use worldwide. Click here for a summary of why, why now, and how.

VA Study Finds Secondary ASCVD Prevention Lacking for Women
April 22, 2021

Sex disparities in cardiovascular care in the VA system included less therapy with antiplatelet agents and any intensity statin for women with premature ASCVD than men.

Ticagrelor Wins Label Expansion to Reduce Risk of Recurrent Stroke, TIA
November 06, 2020

FDA approval is based on results of the phase III THALES trial, in which DAPT with ticagrelor and aspirin for 30 days reduced the rate of stroke and death by 17% vs aspirin alone.

Visit-to-Visit Variability in BP Associated with Dementia, Cognitive Decline
September 03, 2020

"Beyond hypertension, higher BPV is a major clinical predictor of cognitive impairment and dementia," conclude authors of a new study.

Home-based BP Measures Should Drive Treatment Decisions
June 30, 2020

Home blood pressure monitoring, performed accurately, is the key to data that will guide optimal hypertension treatment. Dr Naomi Fisher talks with Patient Care.

Should We Refer Symptomatic HF Patients for AF Ablation?
September 07, 2017

That depends, as suggested by results of the CASTLE-AF study, presented at ESC Congress 2017, in Barcelona, Spain.

AF Screening Leads the Charge in Cardiology's Digital Revolution
September 07, 2017

Diagnosis of atrial fibrillation via handheld iECG monitor looks promising but can we pay for it yet?