Cold, Cough, and Flu

Weathering the Winter: A Health Quiz
February 25, 2016

Do you know the cold facts about cold-weather diseases? Take this quick quiz on some common winter conditions.

8 Burning Questions About Smoking
February 11, 2016

Take this quick smoking quiz to brush up on the facts and offer sound clinical guidance to your patients.

Influenza Virus Subdued by Estrogen in Female Nasal Cultures
January 18, 2016

"Man Flu May be Real" reads a recent headline as reporters pick up results of a study on the impact of estrogen against influenza A. More, here.

Pneumonia Update: Take-Homes from 4 New Studies
January 15, 2016

Here: highlights of 2 studies on vaccines against pneumonia and 2 studies on resistance to antibiotics commonly used to treat pneumonia.

10 Cold Facts About Winter Ills
December 18, 2015

Primary care physicians see many disorders more often or more severely in the winter months. Here, find 10 of these common cold-weather ills.

Influenza: Not as Simple as ABC's and 123's
December 15, 2015

A new flu season is never elementary for primary care. Two questions on flu and its spread that may prove educational.

10 Good Reasons Not to Smoke
October 30, 2015

Cigarette smoking has declined but remains a leading cause of illness and death in the US. If there is anything you don’t know about the current state of smoking, you’ll find it in these slides.

Viruses Found Responsible for Burden of Hospitalizations from CAP
August 06, 2015

A new CDC study also found that older adults are more likely to be hospitalized for a severe respiratory virus than those aged 18 to 49 years.

Lung Disease Often Missed in Long-term Smokers
June 30, 2015

Undiagnosed lung disease in smokers, the impact of guidelines for community-acquired pneumonia in children, and climate change and asthma attacks make headlines in the respiratory news.

Breathe It All In: Respiratory Disease Roundup
May 20, 2015

Respiratory disease is the main reason why patients visit primary care practices. This brief summary highlights the latest in research and patient care.