Impact of HPV Vaccination in US is Rising, and Herd Immunity is Getting Stronger, According to New Research
August 04, 2022

Investigators from CDC warned, however, that HPV vaccinations missed due to the COVID-19 pandemic could stymie this progress.

Study: Safety Data on HPV Vaccine Improving, but More Parents Still Concerned
September 24, 2021

A new analysis showed a near 78% increase in citing safety concerns among parents with HPV vaccine hesitancy, contrary to no observed changes in serious adverse event reporting.

Immunization Action Coalition President and Flu Expert Dr Kelly Moore Explains Primary Care's "Tall Order"
August 27, 2021

IAC president Kelly Moore, MD, MPH, has a long history of fighting flu and promoting vaccination. She talks about the influenza/COVID season to come and using the best tools we have.

Adult Vaccination Against Preventable Diseases Now Urgent, says NAIIS
August 25, 2021

Low rates of routine adult vaccination, reduced further during the 2020-21 pandemic months, threaten a surge in these conditions as the US reopens, says the National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit.

ACP: Ensure Adult Routine Vaccinations are Up to Date as Flu and COVID Meet Again
August 18, 2021

The American College of Physicians urges clinicians to make sure adult patients, especially the most vulnerable, are protected against preventable diseases as COVID spreads and flu is imminent.

7 Questions on HPV Vaccination Trends in Young Adults
January 16, 2020

How many young adults in the US actually receive their recommended doses of HPV vaccine? Take this 7-question quiz on a new report to learn more about the trends.

HPV Vaccination: Impact of Culture and Language on Initiation, Completion
October 10, 2013

English- and Spanish-speaking parents cited widely differing reasons for avoiding vaccination for their eligible daughters or failing to ensure the 3 doses were received.

Primary Care Physicians Play Key Role in Promoting HPV Vaccine to Boys' Parents
October 05, 2013

Most parents of boys aged 9 to 18 years do not know that an HPV vaccine is available for their sons. One major factor is a lack of information. This is where you play a vital role.

HIV-Infected Women Have Higher Risk of Incident Invasive Cervical Cancer
May 08, 2013

Key points for primary care physicians from a new study: HIV-positive women are vulnerable to invasive cervical cancer. This finding underscores the need for screening per guidelines and to follow-up on abnormal Pap smears.

Yes, Men Need Pap Smears Too
March 08, 2013

The human papillomavirus is also easily transmitted to the anus in men who have sex with men.