Mental Health

UK-based Study Finds People with COVID-19 Symptoms More Susceptible to General Psychiatric Disorders, Loneliness
July 17, 2020

A survey of >15 000 UK respondents found people who have or had COVID-19 are more likely to develop general psychiatric disorders and loneliness.

Ketamine Mechanism of Action in Depression Observed in New Study
June 30, 2020

Ketamine used in patients with treatment-resistant depression operates via serotonin 1B receptors by way of a previously unknown mechanism of action, according to a new study from Sweden.

COVID-19 Consequences: Takeaways from a Mental Health Survey of US Adults
May 14, 2020

Over half of US adults who responded to a new survey said COVID-19 has impacted their mental health. To what extent? Find out in our new slideshow.