Stroke Patients Very Likely to Present with Undiagnosed Risk Factors
June 30, 2022

Three-quarters of stroke patients in a Swiss registry had at least 1 undiagnosed risk factor at the time of the event, most commonly hyperlipidemia or hypertension.

Statin Use Slowed Progression of Arterial Stiffness in High-risk Patients Followed for Nearly 5 Years
June 27, 2022

Statin-treated patients at high atherosclerotic risk experienced significantly slower progression of arterial stiffness vs those not taking statins in a cohort of more than 5000 patients.

Empagliflozin More Effective to Reduce Risk of Heart Failure Hospitalization vs DPP-4 Inhibitors, GLP-1 Receptor Agonists
June 06, 2022

ADA 2022: In a real-world study of nearly half a million adults with T2D followed for 5 years, the SGLT-2 inhibitor surpassed both other classes used in routine clinical care.

Treatment Gap: In Patients with ASCVD, Low Use of Statins, High-intensity Statins Persists
May 31, 2022

One-half of more than 600 000 patients with ASCVD were not prescribed statins at all and only 22.5% were taking a high intensity statin, according to a recent study.

Metformin, Lifestyle in Prediabetes May Reduce Risk of T2D but Not Major CV Events
May 24, 2022

Among more than 3000 participants with prediabetes, neither metformin or lifestyle change reduced risk for CV events over 21 years according to Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study investigators.

Black Patients with AF Often Don't Receive Anticoagulant at Hospital Discharge, Study Suggests
May 04, 2022

Black patients hospitalized with atrial fibrillation were 25% less likely to receive oral anticoagulants upon discharge according to a large national registry study.

USPSTF Finalizes Recommendations for Use of Aspirin in Primary CVD Prevention
April 26, 2022

USPSTF states low-dose aspirin should be considered for CVD prevention on a case-by-case basis in adults aged 40-59 yrs with a 10% or greater 10-year CVD risk.

Smoking Cessation as Effective as 3 Meds in Secondary CVD Prevention: 5 Event-free Years
April 13, 2022

Persons with ASCVD who quit smoking could gain 5 more years of life--similar to the outcome of intensive medical treatment while continuing to smoke.

FDA Clears Fitbit Algorithm to Detect Atrial Fibrillation
April 11, 2022

The FDA clearance for the FitBit algorithm will provide another widely tested tool for patient and clinicians to help identify arrhythmias earlier and avoid severe cardiocerebrovascular events.

Depression Following Myocardial Infarction Raises Stroke Risk in US Adults
March 30, 2022

ACC 2022. Large study of US adults showed those with depression following MI were 50% more likely to experience a stroke than those who did not have depression.