Aspirin Associated with Increased Risk for Incident Heart Failure in Large Patient-level Pooled Analysis
November 23, 2021

Treatment with aspirin of patients with cardiovascular risk factors was consistently associated with a greater than 25% risk of incident HF, another strike against the OTC antithrombotic.

Dabigatran and Warfarin Appear Similarly Protective Against Dementia
November 18, 2021

Patients taking either of the 2 anticoagulants showed no large differences on 4 cognitive test scores at 2 years, according to authors of the GIRAF trial.

First Sign of CVD in Smokers May be a Fatal MI or Stroke, New Study Finds
November 17, 2021

Smoking was associated with earlier onset of cardiovascular disease, by 5.1 years for men and 3.8 years for women, the new study found.

Automated Statin-associated Muscle Symptom Tracker May Help Tailor Therapy, Improve Adherence
November 10, 2021

AHA Scientific Sessions 2021. Statin-associated muscle symptoms complicate treatment initiation and adherence; a new mHealth tool shows promise in reducing treatment cessation.

Risk of Early Stroke Increased in Adults who Vape vs Smoke Traditional Cigarettes, Study Finds
November 09, 2021

AHA 2021: E-cigarette users were found to have a 15% higher risk of a cerebrovascular accident at a younger age than those who smoked combustible tobacco cigarettes.

USPSTF Shift: Aspirin Use for Primary CVD Prevention Carries Greater Risk, Less Benefit
October 12, 2021

The USPSTF shift to a more conservative recommendation on use of aspirin compared to its 2016 stance is based on new RCT data and net benefit modeling.

Iron Deficiency Increases Risk for Incident Coronary Heart Disease in Middle Age, Suggests New Study
October 08, 2021

Iron deficiency can't be causally linked to CHD yet, but evidence is accumulating for the association, according to authors of a new European study.

Atrial Fibrillation Detected by ICD Linked to Ischemic Stroke within 5 Days
October 05, 2021

The temporal connection of atrial fibrillation and risk of ischemic stroke provides support for short-duration oral anticoagulation, said study authors.

Metabolically Healthy Obesity May Increase Risk of Heart Failure, but Not Heart Attack or Stroke
October 05, 2021

EASD 2021: Patients with metabolically healthy obesity are nearly 33% more likely to develop heart failure and atrial fibrillation than healthy persons of normal weight, suggests new analysis.

Early LDL-C Exposure and Cumulative Burden Increase CHD Risk in Middle Age
September 24, 2021

Clinical decisions on LDL-C management currently rely on a measure at one time point, typically middle age. A new study suggests burden begins early and so should assessment.