Stroke Rates Rising Among US Young Adults, yet 1 in 3 Don’t Know Common Symptoms
October 27, 2020

New research shows nearly 30% of US young adults do not know the 5 most common stroke symptoms, almost 3 million are not aware of any symptoms.

Stroke Risk Nearly Triples with Dual Vaping, Combustible Cigarette Use
January 07, 2020

A new study found a significant association between increased stroke risk and dual use of e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes-authors urging physicians to use results as a wake-up call.

Young Marijuana Users May be at Greater Risk for Stroke, Arrhythmia
November 11, 2019

Two studies to be presented at the upcoming AHA annual meeting found that young cannabis users are at greater risk for stroke and arrhythmia. 

Stroke Risk in Women: A Fast, 5-Question Quiz
May 16, 2019

Identifying the unique symptoms and risk factors for stroke in women is key to providing effective care. Answer these 5 questions to see how much you know.

5 Antidotes to Diagnostic Uncertainty
April 13, 2017

An array of new tools, perspectives, and guidelines to help navigate the gray areas have been reported in recent days.

To Bridge or Not To Bridge? Is it the Wrong Question?
December 08, 2015

Results of two recent studies suggest that perioperative "bridge" anticoagulation may do more harm than good in some patients.

Stroke Rounds: Risk Climbs When BP Is Moving Target
August 05, 2015

A new analysis of the ALLHAT study finds greater morbidity among patients with visit-to-visit variation in systolic BP than among those with more consistent measures.

IMPROVE-IT: Can It Improve Heart Guidelines?
June 12, 2015

“Lower is better” regardless of the lipid-lowering agent used, publication confirms.

Progressive Ataxia in a 68-year-old Man
June 10, 2015

The patient denies vertigo, hearing change, headache or ear pain. Physical exam and past medical history are benign. What does the brain MRI tell you?

Stroke Rounds: Depression Doubles Stroke Risk After 50
May 21, 2015

New research suggests that depression and stroke share common cumulative etiologic mechanisms.