Alcohol/Drug Abuse

US Teen Substance Use: A True/False Quiz
September 18, 2020

Find out how much you know about substance use among US high school students with our 9-question true/false quiz based on the 2019 CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey results.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Tied to Hypertension Risk in Diabetes
September 10, 2020

A new research article found moderate and heavy alcohol intake were associated with hypertension in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Drug Use in the US: 2020 Problem States
May 28, 2020

Where is teen drug use highest? Which states have the lowest percentage of adult drug users? Answers plus more drug use stats in our new slideshow.

8 Questions on Alcohol-related Mortality in the US
January 28, 2020

Sample: Approximately how many alcohol-related deaths were recorded between 1999-2017 among people aged ≥16 years?

Alcohol Consumption in Women: 5 Cases, 5 Questions
April 22, 2019

How much do you know about alcohol consumption in women? Quiz yourself with these 5 cases.

Drug Use & Abuse: 10 Qs to Decipher
March 20, 2019

Sample: In 2017, >70 200 drug overdose deaths occurred in the US. Approximately what percentage of those deaths involved an opioid?

The "Pot Socks" Sign
March 21, 2018

Sudden onset of difficulty breathing, dry mouth, and stiff, swollen neck and throat. . . what diagnostic clue do the patient's socks offer, and what action should follow?

Obesity, Lung Disease, Alcohol Dependence: Take the Quiz
January 31, 2014

Obesity/respiratory infections; lung disease/cognitive function; Q&A/alcohol dependence. Why are these pairs linked? Get 3 answers plus 2 more questions in this week’s quiz, here.

Single Screening Questions Gauge Alcohol, Drug Use
January 22, 2014

They may determine the presence of alcohol and drug dependence better than longer screening tools, according to a new study.

Acetaminophen Toxicity in an Alcoholic Man
August 10, 2013

Dramatically elevated liver enzyme elevations in this man with alcoholic cirrhosis and clouded sensorium suggest a hepatocellular rather than an obstructive process.